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In 2021 the GME and AMC shortsqueeze hype took the world by storm. GME was getting most of the publicity early on, and I felt like I'd missed the boat, so I got to thinking, what other stock has the potential to sqeeze? That's when I found AMC.


I went all-in twice on AMC, right before it squeezed both times, but since I hadn't traded a stock in 20 years, I didn't realize I needed to have an exit plan. The first time around, I had my entire net worth in AMC stock at $14. The same day I bought, it shot to $19.90 within hours, and I sat at my computer with my Fidelity account open, hand on my mouse with 10 minutes until market close, thinking about whether to sell. I was up more than $75,000, thinking I could sell now and buy a new Tesla. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t enough, and I opted to hold on into after hours trading. The stock immediately hit a wall, and started trending down quickly. Without the ability to trade in after hours, I could only sit there and watch my screen as my net worth quickly dissipated. The next morning, Robinhood took away the buy button, and the stock dropped below $6. I had just lost over half my net worth, on paper, in less than a day. By the next day, the Robinhood buy button was restored and the stock rebounded. I escaped at $13 to take a small loss.


A few months later, I bought back into AMC on the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend with a relatively small purchase. The following Wednesday I would go all-in again via several purchases, ending up with an average cost of $40. The stock shot to $72 later that day, and once again I didn't sell. Why you ask? Well, I was asleep. I'd been awake following the stock for days on end, with minimal sleep, and once I went all in, I was at peace, resigned to my fate, and finally passed out. That's not to say I would've sold that day had I been awake. In fact, I probably wouldn't have. At any rate, I ended up HOLDing and again getting stuck in the stock, this time for a year, before I finally bailed out. All the while I'd been gambling on GME, Polkadot crypto, a little Cardano (ADA)....some real wise investments. Let’s just say I didn’t turn a profit. In fact, I lost nearly $100,000. I currently have zero investment holdings, aside from the $100 seed money I’m putting into GME, DOGE and DOT to begin this Memestonks project.


While all that was going on, I made some t-shirts, just for fun, with no plans of ever selling them. I designed the GME $420.69 shirt and had a few printed up. As soon as I got them, I threw one on and posted a picture of me wearing it on my IG story. Within five minutes I had three direct messages, all to the effect of ”That shirt is awesome! I need one!” Hence, Memestonks Apparel was born. I created two other t-shirt designs, Dogecoin, and Polkadot, my two favorite cryptocurrencies at the time (besides Bitcoin).


Which brings us to present day. An idea dawned on me while livestreaming online poker, which I’ve been doing a lot for the last 18 months. I’d been planning to set up a merch store, and I thought maybe, if I sell these shirts, and put half of the profits into the stock and crypto on the shirt, this would incentivize people enough to buy it so that I could get back to breakeven from the carnage of 2021. Maybe I could get some sales from people who want to spread awareness of these companies and coins by wearing the shirts, as well as help create a little bit of buying pressure.


Every time you buy a shirt, I invest half of the profit in GME, DOGE or DOT, and hold it for 1 year. Here’s to getting back to even! Thank you for your support!

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